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Meet the members of our IVF Laboratory care team!

Ed Stehlik

Ed Stehlik

IVF Laboratory Director
Ed Stehlik

I have been in the embryology field for over thirty years. I have held the position of IVF Laboratory Director at the Advanced Institute of Fertility in Milwaukee, WI and Connecticut Fertility in Bridgeport, CT.

Over this time I have had the opportunity to be at the forefront of every major technological break through in fertilization, culture and preservation of human gametes and embryos. This includes participating in the first vitrified oocyte freezing/thawing procedure to produce a pregnancy in the United States.

I was born and raised in the Midwest. Moved to the East coast in 2007. I am very fond of animals, having a variety of pets in the house.

I enjoy the personal approach provided by the doctors and staff at Gold Coast IVF. I have been involved in both private and corporate practices. I feel there is no comparison to the care and attention you receive from physicians who have a real pride in helping patients reach their goal through a practice they have worked hard to build.

Merissa Stoecker

Merissa Stoecker

Senior Andrologist
Merissa Stoecker

I am a recent graduate, with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Stony Brook University. Currently I am a laboratory technician aspiring to become an embryologist. Gold Coast is a great work environment! We always work together to help the patients. It is amazing being involved in the success of so many families.

My favorite hobby is soccer, and I also love dogs. My favorite vacation spot is California.

Hardy Zhou

Hardy Zhou

Andrology Technician
Hardy Zhou

I’m an andrology lab tech at Gold Coast IVF. I have training in customer service, and experience in different medical environments. I have also worked as a barista and Day Care teacher.

The employees here are great. To the patients I would say, “you are in good hands.”

My favorite hobby is playing basketball, other sports, and relaxing. I am very good with children since I worked at a day camp for a couple of years.


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