Recurrent Miscarriage

Miscarriage can be devastating…but we can help.

Losing even one pregnancy can be traumatic, but experiencing recurrent miscarriage/pregnancy loss can seem like a never-ending nightmare. Both physically and emotionally, women need to cope with the previous loss before they can go on to try again.

Miscarriage is common, but recurrent miscarriage is not. About 15% of pregnant women will miscarry, but only 2% suffer through two miscarriages in a row, and only about 1 % of pregnant women have three consecutive pregnancy losses.

If recurrent miscarriage is something you are struggling through, realize that you are not alone and that we have treated many women who have suffered multiple miscarriage and overcome.

There are a number of potential causes for recurrent pregnancy loss/miscarriage, including genetic issues, chronic infection, Asherman’s Syndrom, blood disorders, hormonal disorders, issues with your uterus that need to be addressed surgically, and cervical weakness. You may be suffering from more than one factor that combine to cause the problem, so it is important to diagnose all the factors that may be contributing to the pregnancy loss.

Just as in any other factor in fertility, we need to delve into the root causes of your miscarriages so that we can treat the real reason you are having difficulties carrying to term. Be assured that many people who suffer recurrent miscarriage are able to go on to have children with the right kind of help.

A specialist can help you get to the bottom of the miscarriage mystery and help you to conceive and maintain your pregnancy to term. At Gold Coast, we can make whatever intervention we need to help you carry successfully to term, including restorative surgery, medical intervention, or simply adjusting your hormones to address an underlying syndrome such as PCOs.

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