Male Infertility

Male infertility…sometimes overlooked!

Just like in women, any number of health issues in men can lower their chances of getting pregnant with a female partner.

In over one third of infertility cases, the ultimate cause is found in the man. This is most often because of issues with sperm production or delivery.

Sperm, of course, must combine with an egg to create a fertilized zygote that can develop into a healthy baby. If a man cannot produce sperm, or if the sperm he produces cannot swim to find the egg waiting in the fallopian tube, then fertilization can’t occur naturally. Even if his sperm is plentiful enough and motile enough to reach his partner’s egg, a man may be infertile because the genetic material in the sperm is damaged in some way.

Male infertility, just like female infertility, can be caused by many different factors. A man may suffer from structural issues in his anatomy where sperm cannot be sent out of the body. He may suffer from hormonal issues, where his body cannot create sperm at all. He might have a genetic condition that may prevent his sperm from fertilizing an egg. He might be sterile due to cancer treatment, or his fertility might suffer due to smoking, steroid or other drug use.

Just like in women, male infertility can be a complex syndrome with multiple causes. We have worked with many infertile couples where male fertility was a partial or complete cause of the inability to conceive. We work closely with urologists who specialize in male infertility, as well as conduct complex semen analysis in-house and help couples find a sperm donor, if necessary.

If male infertility is part of your fertility story, we can help you overcome this challenge on your way to parenthood.

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