Asherman’s Syndrome

The Mystery Syndrome

Asherman's SyndromeWhat is Asherman’s and why have you never heard about it?

Asherman’s Syndrome is something you are not born with, and you cannot catch it. Women develop Asherman’s after surgery, D & C, pelvic tuberculosis, or schistosomiasis. Scar tissue develops after these procedures or illnesses and can cause infertility, pelvic pain, and/or recurrent miscarriage. It can even develop after some procedures for infertility, such as hysterosapingogram (HSG).

Asherman’s can be tricky to diagnose and treat. Often, patents with Asherman’s have no symptoms at all. Some have light periods, some have no periods, but many sufferers have normal periods. You may or may not have pain. Infertility or miscarriage could be your only symptoms!

On top of this, it can be difficult to diagnose because routine diagnostic ultrasounds usually don’t catch the scarring. Direct visualization is the most reliable way to diagnose Asherman’s.

If you think you might have Asherman’s Syndrome, it is vital that you get help. Untreated, Asherman’s can lead to a condition called hematometra or even endometriosis. If you have obstructed menstrual flow you can also miss important clues if you have uterine cancer.

To treat Asherman’s, you must find an experienced surgeon to conduct a hysteroscopy or in some cases, laparoscopy. Our practice is one of the few with physicians who have the skill and experience to repair scarring caused by Asherman’s.

If you do have Asherman’s Syndrome, don’t give up. We can help.

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