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Long Island's world renowned fertility institute founded by Dr. Steven Palter. Patients are seen by Drs. Steven Palter and Bat-Sheva Lerner Maslow

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Amy shares how she kept going after multiple failed treatments elsewhere until she found Dr. Palter and together made the right diagnosis and got to success!  Hear what it felt like to see her baby’s arms legs and heartbeat for the first time on the ultrasound…

See Iyabode’s Story

Iyabode underwent several failed IVF cycles with expert centers in NJ until she came to Gold Coast IVF and found the hidden missed solution to her problem.  Hear how it felt when we “walked with her”…

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dreamstimecomp_5939489-2Our patients are extraordinary people, and we have dedicated our careers to helping them achieve their dreams.
We are privileged to share some of our patients’ stories, in their own words

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • q-iconCan I still Get Pregnant Even If I Don't Want IVF?

    Yes!   IVF is almost never the only option and is rarely the first step.  Our Personal Fertility Advantage Process starts with assessing what your personal treatment preferences are.  We’ll give you the exact per cent chances of each option and craft a unique treatment path that fits your preferences

  • q-iconI've had all the tests done by another fertility expert and they said every thing was normal. I don't understand how that's possible

    First there is no one standard group of tests that fertility experts do.  We believe in doing everything to uncover the causes of your infertility up front and don’t perform blind trial and error treatments.  Second, the interpretation of these tests are just as important as doing the right test.

  • q-iconI lay awake at night convinced I'll never get pregnant. Will I ?

    There has never been a better time in history to fight infertility.  Today more than 90% of patients can ultimately conceive.  We’ve changed from thinking is it possible to what steps will make it happen the fastest and easiest way.

  • q-iconWhat is your secret?

    We achieve success for so many patients whose treatments failed elsewhere over and over for four major reasons.  1) We insist in knowing each and every cause of your infertility and do more analysis before we even start 2) we analyze every treatment attempt to understand exactly why it didn’t work- and its usually not just “bad luck” 3) we have the most cutting edge treatment technology available anywhere in the world 4) Our single physician knows every detail of your past and present fertility and nothing gets “lost in translation”

Gold Coast IVF Benefits For You

  • World-Famous Director

    Our medical director is a world-recognized and awarded fertility specialist.  We see patients who seek us out from around the corner and around the world.

  • We Develop & Teach Other Doctors the Newest Treatments

    Every treatment is available from robotic surgery to genetics and advanced IVF.  We develop new treatments other specialists use.

  • Your Personal Private Fertility Boutique

    Our unique personalized boutique setting has the highest patient satisfaction.  The center is designed for your privacy and comfort by an award-winning designer know for hotel spas

  • 24/7 365 availability of your own doctor

    Your doctor makes all your treatment decisions and directs every aspects of your treatment.

  • Where Everybody Knows Your Name

    You’ll never sign in for an appointment – everyone knows your name.  All visits are scheduled for your convenience and evening appointments are available.  Factories are for cars not fertility

  • The Purest Air for Our IVF Lab

    Our IVF lab has a revolutionary specially designed patented air system to ensure the purest air.  We actively purify the air in the laboratory and surrounding areas to remove invisible toxins that harm embryos.  Your embryos have the healthiest start.

  • Please check SART and the CDC

    Our success rates speak volumes for themselves.  All IVF centers see different patients so success rates cannot be directly compared.

  • Closest Center to NY Airports for Out-of Town patients

    We are easily accessible from anywhere.  Our out-of-town concierge can assist you with travel and lodging arrangements