Medical research teaching has remained essentially unchanged for over 150 years….until now. Dr. Steven Palter has been named the first ever Editor for video and New Media for the world’s leading fertility journal Fertility & Sterility. F&S is the official publication of the American Society for reproductive Medicine (ASRM). Dr. Palter was honored to be hand selected to lead the society and the journal into the 21st century. Internationally recognized as a leading innovator in fertility and the “visionary of our specialty” Dr. Palter has begun a series of initiatives to transform how fertility and medical research in general is published shared and taught.

See the exciting new developments in multimedia interactivity in Fertility & Sterility and how they can help you keep up with the explosive volume of new developments. Author interview videos, original video articles, discussion forums, and more!

Dr. Palter’s Editor’s Introduction to New Media in Fertility



Ectopic Pregnancy-Exceptions to the hCG Level Rules & New Recommendations

ASRM Fertility & Sterility January 2012 Feature Article Author Interview with Dr Kurt Barnhart by New Media Editor Dr Steven Palter. Discussion of hCG levels in Ectopic Pregnancies–Exceptions to the Rules. Author Provides New Recommendations on interpreting hCG levels to diagnose ectopic from viable normal pregnancies based on new research.




Fertility & Sterility Featured Author Interview August 2011- Endometriosis

Women’s reproductive disorder responsible for more than 10 hours lost productivity per week and quality of life impairment equal to that of some cancers. There was an average 7 years delay in treatment even after women presented with symptoms and the delay was worse in public funded health systems than in private. landmark study was conducted in 10 countries and included diverse populations of women . Interview with authors of featured video article of August 2011 edition of Fertility and Sterility


Growth Hormone for IVF Poor Responders?

Fertility and Sterility’s November, 2011 feature article author interview. Video and New media editor Steven Palter interviews Dominique deZiegler on the potential benefits and controversies about growth hormone use for IVF poor responders. Does it improve egg quality or quantity or have no benefit at all. Review of published scientific data further analyzed by the cause of the patient’s poor response.


How Long to Continue Progesterone in IVF Treatments?

Fertility and Sterility’s October, 2012 feature article author interview. Video and New Media editor Steven Palter interviews Juan Garcia Velasco, the Medical Director of IVI in Madrid Spain his randomized trial of of early discontinuation of progesterone in IVF vs standard therapy.

Most patients in the world undergoing IVF are given progesterone supplements.  Are progesterone supplements really needed?  How long should progesterone supplements be continued?  New research suggests progesterone can be stopped much earlier than before in ivf cycles.